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Founded in 1992 as - what is now called student Startup.

It soon became a real success story since we were among a few (if not only) that worked digitaly - with computers at the time. Soon after we expanded our interests towards 3D Animation,
motion graphics & video production. 

Ever since, aquarians are working on advertising campaigns, documentary films,
web pages, books, TV commercials, graphic design projects. We boath have big & small clients,
but our job is always the same. Great concepts, honest copyright, top quality, fresh ideas and  unique goal - creating a great product.



Peripetija is Theatrical production company. We worked on concept, graphic identiy, logo, messages, business cards, stationary pack & web page, promo flyers, a poster for theatrical play.

Speleologycal society Peoni

We have produced some awesome printed materials. Brochures: ””Bats””, „”The most beautiful caves in Macedonia””, ””Ice cave””, „”The whisper of the water””.

TIR - International Freight Forwarder

TIR is acting as an international agent able to provide complete package of logistic services.. We have an excellent collaboration several years now. Promo materials, small explainer animation. Web page, flyers, business cards, brochure.

Zavala Apartmani, Croatia

Zavala is a small family hotel in the island og Hvar Croatia. We have created Web page that manages their activities. Presentation, info, reservations, bookings, invoices, newsletters.

Campaign for raising awareness about the danger of unsupervised usage of antibiotics & drugs 2015

Campaign for raising awareness about the danger of unsupervised usage of antibiotics & prescription drugs. It was designed as a parody of the popular Turkish serials.

Creating structure, design and implementing functions of the WEB page for a periot 2012-present.

This campaign consists of 16 short documentaries explaining the importance of maintaining healthy habits and lifestyle. Whole grain, water, fish & shells, fruit, dairy, meat, lentils, oil, green-leaf vegetables, nuts & seeds, acid & alkaline food, fertility, prevention & physical activity.

Campaign ”Explore Macedonia” 2008-2015

Campaign promoting Macedonia as a desirable tourist destination. Concept, copyright, visual identity, logotype, slogans, posters, web page, flyers, 38 documentary films, radio adds.

Campaign promoting Governmental policies in the field of Education - 2013

TV Add "Stanford"

Campaign promoting Governmental policies in the field of Public healtcare system 2013

TV Add „Surgery abroad”

Campaign promoting innovative thinking 2012

Campaign promoting entrepreneurship 2011

TV Adds „Bakery”

Campaign promoting Reform of public administration 2011

TV Add „Exim”

Campaign for Opportunities of financial support in Agriculture 2011

Campaign for informing the concerned parties about possibilities of financial support in the fields of agriculture, EU fonds such as IPARD, investments in distribution centers and building new Vine cellers, as measures in improving the quality and competitivnes.

6 TV Adds were produced: ”National strategy for Agriculture and Rural development”, ”Subventions”, ”Apple producer”, ”IPARD”, ”First steps”, ”STECHAEC”.


Campaign ””War against alcoholism”” 2009

Campaign ””War against smoking”” 2009

2 TV Adds were made ”Jogger” & ”I used to smoke” 2009

Campaign promoting reading

TV Add ”Polititian”

Campaign for promoting Legislation in simplifying the procedure of getting building permits . 2010

TV Add ”Silence means approvement”

Campaign promoting new Legislation treating constructions builted without permit 2010

Design & production of TV Adds: ”Life desicion” & ”House without papers”

Campaign explaining the potential hazard of pregnancy termination 2009

Logotype design. TV Adds were made: ”treasure”, ”arguments”, ”youngsters”, radio adds, print & billboard campaigns.

Campaign promoting ethics & ethical behavior 2009

Logo, slogan, billboard, print campaign, video Adds.

Campaign promoting respect & tolerance amongst people 2008

TV Adds ”Wallet” & ”Doctor”

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